Prepping for Beautiful Winter Landscaping

The winter season is just around the corner, and now is a great time to make sure that your landscaping is ready for cooler temperatures and harsh weather conditions. During the winter months, outdoor temperatures can dip below freezing. By working with a company offering landscape architecture in Franklin Lakes, you can create a beautiful garden that will tolerate the cold. Along with choosing cold tolerant plants, you can also incorporate other backyard ideas that will transform your yard into a winter wonderland. Here is a look at some great ways to prepare your landscaping for the winter. Remove Fallen Debris During the fall season, the trees and bushes in your yard will shed many of their leaves. In order to prepare your garden for the winter, it is essential to clean up any debris that remains in your yard after the fall season. If fallen leaves are left to sit on the ground, they can create an unsightly mess on your property. A company that specializes in landscaping services can help you with every step of your fall cleanup. Choose Winter Flowers While the spring months are filled with beautiful blooms, some plants actually prefer to flower during the winter season. To ensure that your garden is beautiful and vibrant this winter, you may want to talk to your landscaper about including some winter flowers in your backyard design. For example, Christmas roses and winter jasmine are both plants that produce flowers in freezing temperatures. Plant Hearty Shrubs Along with choosing winter flowers for your garden, you can also plant shrubs and bushes that are resistant to winter weather. For example, plants such as the white pine have adapted to snowy conditions and frigid outdoor temperatures. Other plants, such as chokeberry buses and Japanese andromedas, will also provide your garden with a touch of green during the coldest days of winter. By planting these shrubs before the start of winter, you will ensure that you have a beautiful garden, all season long.