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Custom landscaping is a simple yet effective way to instantly update the look of your home and increase your property’s value. A customized landscape design is the perfect complement to a beautiful home, swimming pool, patio, or other outdoor living space. At Ditomaso Landscape Group , we specialize in custom landscaping in Ramsey, Bergen County & Franklin Lakes, NJ, as well as pools, spas, outdoor kitchens, patios and much more.

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The Benefits of Custom Landscaping

Choosing custom landscaping is a smart investment in the look, function and value of your property. Your landscape architect will work with you to create the ideal landscape design for you based on your budget and your input.

  • Custom landscaping means that every plant used in your landscape design has been chosen because of its particular characteristics. Not only will you love the look of your landscaping, you’ll also enjoy easier maintenance because you were able to choose plants and features that require exactly the amount of work you are able to put in.
  • Your home’s exterior is the first thing people see. Custom landscape design creates exactly the atmosphere you want your property to portray, fits the scale of your yard and your home and shows off your other outdoor features, such as your patio, swimming pool or other outdoor living space.
  • Every property has its own unique challenges. Seeking custom landscaping means overcoming these challenges with the help of a professional, to enjoy landscaping that works for your home, not against it. Whether you need to work around a sloped lawn or want to add depth and texture to a large front yard, the right landscape design will incorporate these needs for a beautiful final look.

Factors That Affect Your Landscape Design

Custom landscaping is all about you, your home and your needs. During the landscape design process, your landscape architect will take several factors into account to create your final customized landscaping. Your climate, local ecosystem, and even the availability and cost of water will all affect your landscape design. Ideally, your customized landscaping should be easy to maintain and efficient to water to help you save on cost. The style of your home and additional outdoor living spaces will also influence the ultimate design of your landscaping, which should mesh well with your property's existing features - regardless of whether you want your landscaping to fade into the background or show off a particular area, such as a pool, spa, garden, patio, driveway or deck.

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