Waterfall Design Ideas

Waterfalls add variety to your landscaping and a luxurious look to pools and spas. The first step in waterfall installation is the design phase, during which you and your landscape architect will develop the water feature that meets your needs and desires.

  • Formal waterfalls are designed to look like man-made works of art. These water features often use steps or geometric basins and tiled walls to add an architectural element to your waterfall.
  • An informal or organic waterfall will look like a completely natural water feature. These waterfalls may meander down a series of tumbled rocks or emanate from a stream to give the feeling of a natural, rather than man-made, creation.
  • Regardless of the type of waterfall you choose, its scale should be in keeping with the scale of your pool or pond so it meshes well with the existing landscaping.
  • If you want to hear your waterfall more clearly, make sure the space behind the falling water is hollow. Conversely, if you desire a quieter water feature, designing a shorter fall and adding sound-absorbent materials behind the waterfall will help to dampen sound.

Basic Steps of Waterfall Installation

Professional waterfall installation means receiving a top-quality product that will enhance your outdoor spaces for years to come. You can reach Ditomaso Landscape Group to discuss landscape design and landscape architecture in Franklin Lakes by calling 201-644-7500.

  1. Once you and your landscape architect agree on the waterfall design, installation can begin. In most cases, some of your yard and landscaping will be removed during waterfall installation to make room for the feature and its associated plumbing.
  2. If your waterfall will be part of your pool or spa, its plumbing may be connected to the existing system. Alternatively, a new plumbing system that includes a pump, filter, and water input source can be installed for a freestanding waterfall.
  3. The structure of the waterfall is put into place, which may include pouring and shaping concrete or adding stone and tile.
  4. Once the water feature is complete, it will be filled and the landscaping around it replaced or built up to create the final cohesive look you want.

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